❥Teeth Whitening with Aluminium Foil :TEST

After searching the internet for solutions on how to have white teeth naturally at home, I came across this dumb lifehack of whitening teeth using aluminium foil paper, so I decided to test it out!

1. Can aluminium foil whiten your teeth?/Does it really work?
I experienced changes in how my teeth felt, they seemed whiter and quite clean, but probably because of the toothpaste and baking soda reaction, that you mix into the aluminium foil.

2. What happens when you wrap your teeth in aluminum foil?
I felt uncomfortable with the Aluminium foil wrapped on my teeth, I wanted to spit the saliva so bad, it was super gross! Plus chewing on the aluminium kinda hurt my teeth, yikes!

3. How long are you supposed to wrap the aluminium foil on teeth?
According to some sites,you are supposed to stay with it for 1 hour! I barely lasted 5 minutes due to how uncomfortable that experience was.

4. How do you whiten your teeth overnight?
I used to mix baking soda and lemon but it appears lemon is not very good to your enamel, so I have stayed away from the lemon and am still searching for a better way that is homemade and safe to my teeth.

1.Mix Baking soda(Bicarbonate of soda) with Toothpaste in a bowl
2.Apply the mixture to the aluminium foil
3.Wrap your teeth with the aluminium foil
4.Wait for an hour
5.Wash off.

Disclaimer: This is an idea I got from the internet, just testing out these lifehacks to see which works. Opinions are my own.It may/may not work for you.Am sorry i did not take the before and after pics.

Thank you for watching! Wish you a happy 2017

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