★Minimalism For Women – Taking Care Of Your Teeth Part One – Teeth Whitening★

What do your teeth have to do with minimalism? Lots actually! Minimalism is about getting rid of stuff, and not spending money on stuff you don’t need.

So why spend money on getting your teeth whitened if you don’t have to? Sarah’s an ex-dental hygienist, so if there’s one thing she knows, it’s teeth. Here are a few of her tips on keeping your teeth white, and how to whiten them if they’re not.

And why spend getting your teeth filled, fixed or replaced if you don’t have to? In future videos, Sarah will look at taking care of your teeth – from flossing to X-Rays and whether you really need your teeth cleaned every six months.

Hopefully this video series will help save you time, money and alleviate some stress. If you have any topics you’d like Sarah to cover, feel free to drop her a note below.

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